Leaf Cover

This is a popular cover in leafy gardens, our leaf covers can be custom designed to fit your pool and is made from a PVC mesh. It allows rain water to filter through the mesh and cannot accumulate on top of the leaf cover. The Leaf cover doesn’t have a good weight tolerance and can only support a weight of 15kg. This is not considered a safety cover, if a child gets on the cover the cover will submerge into the pool and the pool water will surface through to the top and poses a threat to toddlers. This cover does however provide safety for animals because they can get on and off the cover with no difficulty. Once fitted over your pool you can switch the pool pump off for the entire winter. Your pool water won’t turn green because it eliminates debris from influencing the chemical balance. Your pool pump uses 12% of your household electricity so there will be a huge saving in electricity, water, chemicals but most importantly all that time saved on maintenance! This aesthetically stylish cover is available in black & grey so you can incorporate it with the décor of your home. We don’t use the industrial shade cloth because it shrinks over time, the PVC mesh we use specifically for swimming pool covers because its U.V. treated & chemical resistant and come with a 3 Year Warranty. The PVC is joined with high frequency heating, no glue is used because it will come undone within a year and no stitching is used because it will perforate your cover.

The leaf cover can be combined with our safety net or existing safety nets. The safety net acts like a horizontal fence over the pool and the leaf cover will sit on top of the safety net and eliminate all the leaves from entering the pool. The stainless steel plates we use have a double key hole, enabling us to use one of the keyholes for the leaf cover and the other for the safety net. To secure the cover to the paving we use the hooks and eyelets system. Our anchoring plates are made from stainless steel, we do not use plastic or synthetic fittings because it will break and become brittle in the sun. Our plates have a double key hole to make adjustments accordingly. The plates are almost flush with the paving and has no sharp points protruding so you will never stump your toes on it and it won’t clog up with dirt either. The screws we use to anchor the plates to the surrounded paving are also stainless steel. Durable non-corrosive hooks are attached to stainless steel eyelets punched into the reinforce PVC perimeter. To take the hassle out when fitting the cover we use bungee cord tied to each hook to assist with stretching it into the key hole from the anchoring plate.

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