Solar Blanket

Solar covers also called thermal or bubble blankets are designed to utilize the sun’s rays to gradually warm the entire pool. These covers float on the surface of the water with the bubbles side acting as suction cups. The transparent cover allows the sun's solar energy to pass through & warms the pool during the day by 6 - 8 degrees and will give you a longer swimming season. We supply the most popular solar blanket, known as the 450 micron Imported Solar cover. It comes with UV inhibitors, 1yr guarantee and lasts up to 4-5 years with the correct care. The clear blue cover reduces heat loss over night, allowing the temperature to build consistently on sunny days and makes for a more enjoyable summer. The cover conserves water & reduces evaporation with up to 97%, it’s in direct contact with the water therefor chemical consumption is also reduced. The inside measurements (longest point in length & width) of the swimming pool is used to order a rectangular solar cover, the actual pool shape is then cut & trimmed from this on site.

While a solar cover is relatively light and easy to use on smaller pools, it is recommended that a roll up station be used in pools exceeding 7m in length. The roll up station will assist in the removal of the cover from the water as well as the neat and safe storage of the material once removed from the pool. The roll up station shaft is made from aluminium, and the components are powder coated. The roll up stations is secured to the paving by a stainless steel anchor bolts but can be unscrewed so that the roll up station can be removed or stored if needed.

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